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Group Meetings

Fernside offers groups for children ages 3 - 18, who are grieving the death of a family member or friend. In the groups, children and teens meet with others their age grieving a similar death. Trained facilitators address a theme each meeting. These themes include telling our story, feelings, changes and rebuilding, memories and many others. Facilitators address these themes through expressive arts, games, music and group discussion.

Parents and guardians of the children attending groups also meet in a support group to address their own grief as well as receive support and education on how to help their grieving children.

Groups meet twice monthly and are held in the following neighborhoods:

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“My kids feel more secure and brave about talking about their dad’s death.”

“My children are opening up more. I see a huge difference after each session.”

“I can actually get through some days more than others from something that I remembered or thought about from group.”

“Even on the evenings that one or both of us were feeling extremely low, we took positive messages home from our Fernside groups that we were able to share with each other.”

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